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QUILL.exe: Transmissions from the Black presents an alternative science fiction setting for Quill: A Letter-Writing Roleplaying Game for a Single Player, wherein the characters are typing up transmissions to send from their deep space exploration/colony vessel. When used with the basic rules from Quill, this supplement provides six new characters, three new skills, and four new scenarios.

Take on the role of a Diplomat, Stowaway, Artificial Intelligence, Colonist, Engineer, or Captain! Plead with a recalcitrant Supply Officer, make First Contact with an alien vessel, negotiate with a Colony that you might call home,  leave a message of warning and hope to future explorers, and reach out to the one you left behind! Boost your signal strength, pick a subroutine to help you write, and start typing so that you can send your transmission across the void between stars.

Hopefully it gets a warm reception.

QUILL.exe: Transmissions from the Black was written as part of National Game Design Month 2020.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorSeamus Conneely
GenreRole Playing
Tagsnagademon, quill, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, solo, writing


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Quill.exe is a supplement for the letter-writing rpg, Quill.

Quill.exe is 23 pages, with a readable layout and some helpful graphics. The cover feels a little cluttered / not centered, but the mechanics beneath are super cool.

You do need Quill core to play this, but it's pay-what-you-want on drivethru, and there's a link to it on the page above. If you have Coal And Parchment, you can also use that here, and a link to where you can pick it up is given in the pdf.

Settingwise, in Quill.exe, you play as someone aboard a cryo ship in the far future, communicating via relay beacon with others. It's hard-fi, but it isn't unapproachable.

Exe gives you a variety of character classes to choose from, and the flavor behind each is nice. Probably the most interesting of the batch is the Stowaway, who has a heck of an automatic hook, but the other classes feel solid too.

In addition to character classes and rules conversions, Exe also comes with several scenarios. They each have a unique flavor and variant rules, and feel well-designed to fit the scope of the system.

Overall, if you want to take your game of Quill to a novel and very appropriate hard-fi setting, I'd recommend picking this up.

Alternately, Exe might make for an interesting companion to a game of Alien, as its atmosphere, classes, and mechanics dovetail very well with the setting, and could produce an immersive minigame between sessions.